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5 Unique War

War is the most horrible thing in the history of the world, death, poverty, hunger and hatred are the side effects that accompany this tragedy. But did you know that war does not always cause harm and be a humanitarian tragedy? Here are 5 unique war that has ever happened in the world:    


Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has died on Wednesday due to complications from pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. Apple confirmed his passing on its website, although immediately did not give any further details. After several years of successfully fighting the disease (Jobs was first diagnosed with the illness in 2003), Jobs’ health waned in recent years and he was forced to resign from his position as CEO of Apple in August.


Eat All Your Food or You Will be Fined

Restaurants in the eastern province of Damam, Saudi Arabia, giving fines to customers who do not eat all the food on their plates. This was done in solidarity for the world's poor. Fines will be distributed to charity. Customers do not dispute the existence of this penalty.

"As long as it's for charity I am not questioning the idea," said a restaurant customer. He just hopes that all restaurants in the province will follow.