Eat All Your Food or You Will be Fined

Restaurants in the eastern province of Damam, Saudi Arabia, giving fines to customers who do not eat all the food on their plates. This was done in solidarity for the world's poor. Fines will be distributed to charity. Customers do not dispute the existence of this penalty.

"As long as it's for charity I am not questioning the idea," said a restaurant customer. He just hopes that all restaurants in the province will follow.

Another customer said he was surprised with this policy, but he thinks this is a pretty good move to encourage others to do good. "There are other countries such as Somalia are suffering hunger, and I find new ideas helps to promote economic and social awareness, and to teach people to consume the right amount of food," said a Saudi man voiced concern with various cases of hunger happening in the world. 

According to a British government report, as much as 30 percent of food around the world may be lost or wasted, while other estimates have put the number at around 50 percent.

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