5 Unique War

War is the most horrible thing in the history of the world, death, poverty, hunger and hatred are the side effects that accompany this tragedy. But did you know that war does not always cause harm and be a humanitarian tragedy? Here are 5 unique war that has ever happened in the world:    

  • The World's Shortest War. (lasts for 40 minutes)  
    On 27 August 1896, a battle occurred between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar (an island nation located in the continent of Africa), but what makes this war unique is that the battle lasted for 40 minutes. This war occurred due to the death of Sultan bin Hamad Thuwaini (pro-UK), and the transfer of power to the sultan Khalid bin Barghas. United Kingdom royal party gives an ultimatum to Zanzibar at 09:00 on 27 August, then attack 40 minutes later, where the 500 fleet pro Sultan Khalid was killed, and one UK sailors were killed. In the war UK use three cruisers, two heavily armed warships, 900 pro-UK Zanzibar people, and 150 fleets (the soldiers and sailors).

  • Pig War (1859).
    This war happened in 1859, an attack to the hordes of pigs on the island of San Juan which is the border territory between the American and British empire in North America. This event is said to be Pig War because they use pigs to attack plantations and other sectors of the population lives in San Juan.

  • 335 Years of War Without Casualties (1651-1986)
    This conflict between the Dutch with a small island nation of Scilly (a territorial which is located in the southeastern sea of Britain), but in this war there is not one grain bullet that was fired during the 335 years and no fatalities have ever preached during this war progress. This war formally ended in 1986, by doing a deal.

  • Emu Bird War (1932)
    Emu war occurred during the seven days between Australian soldiers and the emu bird in November 1932. This war was caused by excessive emu bird populations, who spend a source of food and water in the western Australia. Australian artillery troops led by Major Meredith, every member of the forces armed with two Lewis machine guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition. This battle is not as fast as imagined, spend a week, as many as 20,000 emu birds had been killed.

  • Soccer War (1968)  

    Soccer war, known as la guerra de futbol in Spanish, known also as the 100-hour war. A battle that occurred between El Salvador with Honduras in 1969. The war was triggered by political conflict and the issue of immigration that occurred between the two countries. This war happened in the second round of 1970 FIFA world cup qualification in North America. Salvador sends troops and attack Honduras on 14 July 1969.
    An American union organization initiated a ceasefire between the two countries on 20 July, and succeeded. El Salvador's soccer team made ​​it through pre-qualification stage of the World Cup, but in the end they were thrown from the FIFA world cup qualifying group.

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