Japan Unique Rice Bra

This unique rice bra reflects the interest and the role of women in agriculture. Developed by Triumph, a company that also produces a unique bra before.
This unique rice bra has two cups that resembles a potted plant, made from plastic that can be recycled. Both of these pots can be filled with soil and rice seeds, and watered through a tube
and watered through a tube that serves as a belt, which is in the waist of the wearer. This strange concept is also equipped with gardening gloves, so the women do not find their hands dirty.

According to recent statistics, the Japanese became more concerned with environmental issues and food safety, and tend to want a quiet rural lifestyle. Online store that sales house agricultural equipment for people who want to grow rice in their house has become very popular, so Triumph think that rice bra would be a good idea for women who are interested in agriculture.

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