Indonesia: Mount Merapi Erupted, Tsunami hit Sumatra

mt.Merapi erupted

Mount Merapi Erupts-- Merapi volcano finally erupted. Mountain located in Yogyakarta, erupted yesterday, Tuesday, October 26 at 5.02pm Indonesian Time (GMT +7). Dozens of victims were reportedly killed and dozens of people suffered injuries caused by hot clouds from the eruption of Mount Merapi. Evacuation is still being conducted till now. 
Tsunami hit Mentawai

Tsunami Hit Sumatra-- Meanwhile another disaster struck Sumatra. An earthquake measuring 7.2 magnitude struck the Mentawai region at 9.40pm, Monday (25/10). The earthquake caused the tsunami in the Mentawai region. 3-meter-high waves swept the region on the coastline. Until now recorded 113 people killed and hundreds were reportedly missing. Evacuation of victims is still ongoing to this day.

Update: Indonesia Tsunami Death Toll Climbs to 394, 267 people were seriously injured, slightly injured 142 people and 312 people reported missing (October 29).

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